The journey begins.

More than a decade ago, husband and wife team, Jolene and Greg Christopherson, started I Want To Marry You Weddings, offering officiant services for couples getting married in Honolulu on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. Hawaii destination weddings were increasing dramatically in number with couples from all over the world arriving here regularly expressly to realize their dream Hawaii wedding. Most couples prefer a Hawaii beach weddings but as a world renown destination wedding location, Hawaii offers many other options in addition to beach weddings.

From tropical rain forests and botanical gardens, to majestic waterfall wedding sites, and some of the most elegant and beautiful wedding chapels in the world, the island of Oahu offers one of the broadest selections of possible wedding venues in the world.

So while most Hawaii destination weddings are regularly done on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, there are many, many options available to couples who want to get married in Hawaii or, in many cases, to renew their wedding vows.

Of course, whether you are having a Hawaii wedding or a vow renewal celebration, a wedding minister, or officiant, is definitely a must. This is where Jolene and Greg stepped in, with Jolene taking care of the scheduling of wedding or vow renewal ceremonies and Greg quickly establishing himself as Hawaii’s “marrying man”, becoming one of Honolulu’s most popular wedding officants. Even today, many officiants and wedding planners consider Greg as the model to be followed for the utmost professionalism in officiating weddings.

Some years and thousands of weddings later, Jolene and Greg decided it was time to retire (Again. Did we mention that Greg had previously retired from the U. S. Navy and Jolene from Hawaiian Airlines?) but did not want to simply abandon their “baby’ which they both realized had been and should continue to be such a blessing to wedding couples and their families from around the world and from Hawaii. So they decided that they wanted to pass I Want To Marry You Weddings on to someone else that they knew would continue to nurture this wonderful endeavor that they had undertaken with the same level of love and care so that future couples could be equally blessed as well. With that in mind they knew that it wasn’t so much a “someone” that they needed to take over but rather a “someones”, another couple that they would be fully confident in to keep the Aloha Sprit alive and well in I Want To Marry You Weddings. For Jolene and Greg there was only one such couple, and that couple, of course, was…..(to be continued)…