These disclosures supersede all other information relevant to these disclosures that may be presented elsewhere on this site or in any of our Company documents.

Site Fees – A minimum site fee of $50 will apply to any venue provided by us or acquired with our assistance for associated expenses which may include but is not limited to, administrative costs, general liability insurance, applicable permit charges, and other regulatory or site compliance costs. Applicable site fees will be clearly disclosed in your contract agreement.

Over 20 attendees at a public beach or park location, including the couple and our staff, will require onsite coordination for the ceremony at a cost to you of $100.00.

For over 30 total attendees at an eligible City and County beach park location, including the couple and our staff, a professional onsite coordinator will be required. If you do not have an approved coordinator, we will provide one at a cost to you of $75 per hour, 2 hours minimum. You will also be required to obtain shuttle, limousine, or an alternative drop off and pick up transportation service approved by us in advance. We can provide a 25-passenger shuttle service starting from $150 per hour, or limousine service starting from $110 per hour, 2 hours minimum for either.

Location surcharges for each staff member and/or other services provided by us will apply based on locations outside of the metropolitan Honolulu area as well as peak hours and weekends. Surcharges range from $50-150 and will be disclosed in your agreement.

Peak hour surcharges of $25 per vendor will apply to events scheduled after 4:00 PM and on weekends. $50 per vendor on Holidays and $150 on major Holidays. Holiday fees apply all days associated with the Holiday including the weekend from Friday through Sunday.

 Deposit and payments. We will schedule your ceremony with a minimum initial deposit of $100.00 or 20% of the contract amount, whichever is greater. Private venues and/or events within 45 days will require a minimum 50% deposit. We are a cashless company, so all payments are to be paid online using a secure payment platform. All payments are subject to a 3% processing fee. Initial deposits paid to schedule any event with us are non-refundable.

Outside Vendors – Generally, when we are providing the venue, we prefer to use our own vendors as we believe it is in your best interest to do so. However, we will allow you to use outside vendors, subject to our prior approval, a $50 fee per vendor, a copy of their current General Liability Insurance policy with a minimum aggregate coverage total of $1,000,000.00, a current State or City and County media permit, whichever may be applicable, and your agreement that each vendor will be under our direct supervision for the entirety of the event.

Processional, which is marching down the aisle with a bridal party will require that it is completely rehearsed by you before the ceremony. If you prefer to have us stage and rehearse the processional, we can do so 30 minutes before the scheduled ceremony time at a cost to you of $100.00 for onsite coordination or prior to the date at our office for a fee of $75.

All services offered are incidental to our officiating services. While our ministers may be willing to make some accommodations with regard to the inclusion or exclusion of certain religious language in the ceremony, they cannot, by law, be required to perform ceremonies that are in direct contravention of their personally held beliefs.

All prices are plus 4.712% Hawaii sales tax.