Hawaii Beach Weddings at Waimanalo Bay

Amazing white sandy beach with Hawaii beach wedding packages starting at just $225.

We are sorry to inform you that our anti-business, anti-marriage City Council and Mayor have banned most commercial activities, including weddings and photography, on nearly half the island of Oahu. To send a well deserved complaint directly to the mayor please click here:

Waimanalo bay, now renamed Hunaniho bay. offers a stunning, white sandy beach area fronting an amazing ironwood forest located about 40 minutes from Waikiki and is a favorite for Hawaii beach weddings. With a beautiful ocean view of incredible shades of aqua and blue, Waimanalo beach regularly makes the top 10 list of beaches in the U.S and is a top choice for beach wedding in Hawaii.

Recommendations: WEEKEND SHOULD BE AVOIDED. Best for weekday morning or early afternoon wedding or vow renewal ceremonies. Late afternoon weddings and  Arches, seating, and commercial vehicles, including limousines are not allowed. Can also be very windy so plan accordingly.