Share your love story.

Every marriage is unique and individual to itself, every bit as special as the two individuals who, on the basis of their mutual love for each other, undertake to enter into a commitment for life. Every marriage is the result of a true love story and,although always unique and special onto itself, every love storydoes haveat least one thing in common: they show, again and again, that true love will always finds it’s way!

Our hope for this blog page is that at many of our amazing couples will share their wonderful and special love stories with others. To provide hope and optimism to those who right now might be wondering if they will ever find that special person who is the love of their life. Who wonder if they will ever experience that moment when,suddenly and completely unexpectedly, simply going about their individual lives, a corner is turned and true love is right there waiting for them. A miracle, a dream come true, a providential moment that changes everything forever and always for the better!

We have been so blessed over these many years to witness firsthand how true love always does seem to find it’s way and we know that others will feel the same way as we do .

So we reallywant to encourage our couples to take a little bit oftime out of their busy lives and write out their own love story. Whether it’s just a few sentences, a few paragraphs, or a few pages, however you want to tell your love story is entirely up to you. And whether you write it all down in one sitting or work on it together for a few weeks, the sharing of it is ultimately what will matter most. You know better than anyone how precious and meaningful finding true love is so please bless others with the sharing of that amazing experience.